Thursday, October 9, 2008

Return from the void...

I feel almost guilty about not once using this vehicle to share my side of the New York Fashion Week Spring 2009 story. What it comes down to is that I was overbooked, and thusly, overworked; it took me - I shit you not - the full of September to heal from that first hellish 10 days. When you write for various outlets, you have several bosses, yet no one but yourself to keep you on track. It was a notable challenge. I'm confident, though, that I prevailed and did myself some networking favors in the process. I'll share my insights on that week and, arguably more importantly, the subsequent weeks in a few days.

Until then, I present this folly:

It is indeed the Stammer. She's pursuing a pilot's license and I just couldn't resist giving her a camp Photoshop portrayal, a la early exploitation cinema.

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