Saturday, October 11, 2008

On Tonight's Agenda: Chaos

Anyone who is anyone in music, fashion, or "new media" (and apparently, those who aspire to be!) will be attending the Party of the Millenium tonight: Diesel XXX.

For me, it's an amusing turn of events. I've actually been booked for this party in Brooklyn since August. I happen to be on very good terms with Diesel's PR, and so along with my Fashion Week arrangements, was offered an early invite to this event. I said "sure, why not?" This discourse, of course, all commenced long before any inkling of its eventual Magnitude was made evident. Then, I heard M.I.A. was playing. And Hot Chip. Cool. And N.E.R.D. Errm, okay. Then, Franz Ferdinand! OHMIGOD!

Naturally, there was a downside to all this. This dishy avalanche of news was concurrently made privy to the general public, along with the announcement that Diesel "fans" could take part if they scuttled on down to select locations to score tickets. Wonderful.

Long story short, the reality is that what once seemed to be an industry-only event is open to any Joe or Jane willing to jump through the hoops (read: SPEND) to get tickets. That's fine, I suppose. I'm not one to guard the Velvet Rope - provided you look, sound, and smell good. :p

As long as my experience isn't ruined by the typical concert yobs, it should still make for a fun night. I personally am eager for FF, M.I.A., and, if the rumors deliver, Britney!

Ostensibly, this is what the event schedule looks like:

09:00 pm - Roll up roll up for xXx New York is joining the party Grand Opening
Jugglers, Contortionists, Fire Eaters and Strong Men perform to Dj Pelle of The Hives.
10:45 pm - Hot Chip vs Chaka Khan live mash up
One of the greatest figures in disco all time meets pure cool eccentric.
11:45 pm - Franz Ferdinand vs T.I. live mash up
Ultimate rappers of the moment meets scottish crazed indie cool.
01:00 am - M.I.A. vs N.E.R.D live mash up
The ultimate mash up.

I'm thinking at 1:50am, Brit Brit will make a cameo and then the evening will drunkenly conclude. As such, I am nearly guaranteed to spend tomorrow occupying a piercing hangover and Dario Argento trilogies from the comfort of my own bed. Enticing prospects.

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