Thursday, June 12, 2008


I aim to give this "haute" blogette the time, attention to detail, and the purpose it deserves, but working IN high fashion has killed my desire to write ABOUT IT. And I feel incapacitated when my words - no, my weapons! - fade as my dominate faculty.
But if I can't write, I can at least style, editorialize, and present fashion to you via this medium.

Coming soon: genderless politics rule Spring and Fall 2008. Why?
Let us discuss.

Please post topics, as well, that you'd like me to broach on here.
I'm trying to secure actual editorial work this summer for small fashion quarterlies.
Make that perennial dream a temporary reality!

P.S. That's me in the photo above. And it will appear in one of those small fashion photo mags this summer! My brother was the photographer.


dean said...

Congrats! eljay says it's your birthday, have a good one! (snuh from LJ using his blogger account)

Panic Industry said...

thanks, hon!