Friday, August 1, 2008

Behati Prinsloo Strips for The Virgins

The Virgins don't deserve Miss Prinsloo, only Coco Rocha does.
But here it is: the latest coital romp of the sacred & the profane, of fashion & music. Or most relevantly in this case, another untoward collision of the banal and the beautiful. All I can hope is that Behati was paid well for her portrayal of a socialite courtesan; otherwise the benefits here are entirely one-sided.
Why is that the top models always portray strippers in music videos? Even now, when sex matters less than ever to fashion? No matter how rarefied the beauty, her fashion cachet registers flatly with the public. She is a beautiful superwhore, and not much more (but more than enough for cads like The Virgins).
This roleplaying applies to all models who moonlight in music, EXCEPT for Agyness Deyn of course. The Five O'Clock Heroes let her keep her trilby hat and unisexual appeal fully intact in the video for "Who" (because she wears both indie signifiers better than they do.)
I HAVE A FABULOUS IDEA: OLGA SHERER IN A HIP-HOP VIDEO. I would die from paroxyms of agitated bliss. Hey, in a post-Tom Ford universe, the gesture would be apropos to almost everything that makes current runway fantasy so disproportionate to heterosexual, mainstream ideals. And three of us would get the joke. And Hedi Slimane.

In addition:
I have to give an update on me! I plan to start using this blog again as an outlet to expunge the extraneous fashion, music, and cultural musings that collect in la cabeza. Whatever isn't suitable to publish to a targeted readership will go here instead. Or in the trash (is there a difference?). Anyway, I'm going to use this a few days a week to generate specific, yet informal dialogues about whatever I am contemplating at any given second, even if that dialogue falls on deaf ears & nonexistent eyes. It's fine. I just want to be able to say, "Wow, this coat is fucking great" without having to justify that thought with eloquence or a thesis. (btw - Isn't it fabulous?)

If you want to read the work which I am paid to do, I will give you that chance soon enough. I'm in the midst of producing plenty of freelance material and if you are clever, you know where to find it. Otherwise, I will elaborate further in the near future, and before very long you will be able to read my name on the masthead of a physical publication. It's all a very clandestine process and must not speak of it or I shall be shot. But until the day of wreckoning comes, I remain a free agent, the depraved version of Carrie Bradshaw (did I mention that I have retroactively become a SATC fan?)

Stay cool until I stay in touch
(soon enough)

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