Monday, April 6, 2009


I am in NYC once again. Moved into a new apartment in the West Village.
Working at my publications. In search of new prospects in all arenas of life.
Suffered a few personal disappointments in the past few months, but have flourished professionally. Now if I can only keep these two distinct realms from overlapping, I'll be on to something.

Current projects:

Ladyhawke for Interview
Primal Scream for Interview
Shepherd Fairey for Interview
HAIR Costume Designer Michael McDonald for Interview
Estelle for Paper Magazine
Hannah Marshall for Paper Magazine
Back to Noise for Paper Magazine

A Cramps Tribute (in negotiations with various publications)
Lise Sarfati (same)

In the coming weeks, I branch out to even more publications and begin PR writing work. I'm quite busy, but never satiated! I need to stop going out til 5 every night, but Manhattan nightlife is my favorite fix. Don't want it to turn into my "favorite mistake".


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