Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top 3 Most Essential Moments of Fashion Week Fall 2008: NYC

Coming next: an in depth commentary on the entire run of the "sportswear" leg of the Fashion Week trajectory. It's no secret that New York fashion week is the least interesting of the Big Four, yet, while gaining the opportunity to experience the week in person, it's hardly worth pretending that there are are not some truly inspirational, and yes, even aesthetically profound moments to be appreciated every season. Fall 2008 may be underwhelming so far, but amongst the mediocrity, I was completely convinced by a select few presentations.

Here are the three that blew me away:

#1 Rodarte. Head & shoulders above the rest, and the core inspiration for my proclamation of the "Poisoned Femininity" trend. I plan to discuss this at greater length next time. But just feast your eyes on these macabre, yet dainty delights:

#2. Marc Jacobs. A lot of people think he jumped the shark with this one, but I disagree for now. In this notably sexless and antiseptic collection, I found elements of 90's Prada, an Antwerpian sartorial vibe, and a jibe at Neo-Puritanism. Should it have remained strictly conceptual, the internal discourse of a particularly postmodernist Gotham designer? Or did it translate successfully to a high fashion collection, one for which the adoring clientele will pay through the nose? That remains to be seen. For now, watch the video (yes, that is the mighty Sonic Youth playing live!):

#3. Rag & Bone. Realistically, the show that best reflects both my current and aspirational worldview & style. Postapocalyptic but expensive. Unisexually attractive and sharp.
*still attempting to find streamable video of this event*
Some key looks:

In MY ideal universe of appearances, ALL metropolite men & women would be this impeccably groomed & outfitted on a day to day basis. There's no reason why more men in this country cannot strive for this ideal immediately.


Romany said...

Wow. I love how you've put a whole new spin on the Marc Jacobs collection.
You know, the moment I saw the MJ collection, I knew I hated it. But you actually made me think twice about it (no easy feat). It's still not my cup of tea, but y'know, lol...
You really know you're stuff - being able to identify similar styles to vintage Prada and Neo-Puritanism.
I applaud you.
Nice work. :)

Panic Industry said...

Thanks, romany! The reaction on the MJ collection is definitely will be interesting to see how it is altered for retail production & distribution.

Ricardo Raínho said...

So it means that, in your ideal universe, all men would be upper-middle class, right? ;)

Panic Industry said...


Actually, it's more about taste level & projecting a successful image, in my eyes. Money can access those clothes, but only someone with THE EYE knows how to wear them right. :) Some of the best dressed males I know aren't rich at all.